Food & Beverage
Higher Education



Aseptic Processing/Fill Finish Design
cGMP and FDA/EU Regulatory Compliance Design
Central Energy Plants
High Efficiency Building Systems
Building Automation Control Systems
Energy Modeling
Radiant Heating & Cooling
Refrigeration (Steam Absorption, Compressor, Air Cycle Evaporation)
Cogeneration Systems
Piping Stress & Hydraulic Analysis
Life Cycle Cost Analysis
Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis
Heat Recovery Systems
Clean Rooms, Restricted Access Barrier, Isolator Support Design
Smoke Evacuation/Control



Power Systems (Low Voltage, Medium Voltage, Emergency, Stand-By, Prime Power)
Photo Voltaic and DC Battery Central Storage Systems
Lighting (Commercial, Healthcare, Industrial, Clean Room, Specialized Task, Special Effects, Public)
Low Voltage Systems (CCTV, Fire Alarm, Mass Notification Systems, Access Control Systems, Public Address, Nurse Calling Systems)
Telecommunications (Voice, Data Audio/Video and Electronic Systems)
Power System Analysis and Simulation Studies (Arc-Flash, Short Circuit, Voltage Drop, Transient Analysis)

Plumbing & Fire Protection

Domestic and Process Water
Medical Gas Systems
Grey Water Reclamation
Building Waste Systems
pH Adjustment Systems
Biological Waste Inactivation Systems
Special Hazard Suppression Systems
Solvent Dispensing Systems
Water Systems, Potable, Non-Potable, Well, RO/DI, WFI
Corrosive, Flammable & Pyrophoric Laboratory gas systems
Hazardous as abatement systems
Wet, Dry, Double Interlock & Gaseous Suppression Systems



Commissioning Master Plans
Retro Commissioning
Factory and Site Acceptance Tests (FAT/SAT)
Deviation Resolution



Process Flow Diagrams and P&ID’s
Process Automation, Model Predictive Control
Process HAZOP and Safety Analysis


Construction Management

Pre-Construction Services
Construction Management Services
Owner’s Engineer
Post Construction Services
Operations training and facility turnover