Bob Thompson
Robert W. Thompson (1933-1986)

over 40 years of experience

Thompson Consultants, Inc.
was established in 1974.

Our basis for creating a successful business was to develop a practice focusing on highly technical engineering. Specifically, we support the healthcare, life sciences, academic, institutional and commercial markets.

In 1974, Bob Thompson and four associates created a corporation “for the purpose of engaging in consulting engineering.” Since then, TCI has maintained a constant process of evolution and growth that our clients have come to rely upon. Throughout the years, our core competency has been focused on critical space system designs. That core competency has brought us to deliver high level healthcare, life sciences and central plant projects for clients. While we appreciate the successes attained over the past forty years, we realize, that in order for Bob Thompson’s vision to continue to succeed, we must maintain that process of growth and renewal while at the same time expanding our horizons to meet today’s challenges and demands.