The Richmond Group

Repligen Ethanol Processing

TCI is providing the Engineering Design for the Repligen Building Ethanol Handling project located at 41 Seyon Street.

The OPUS manufacturing process involved the filling and flushing of the columns with an ethanol water mixture. The scope includes the full MEP/FP and Process engineering:

  • Process Design Basis
  • Process Flow Diagram for the closed ethanol process
  • Coordinate process requirements with the Code Consultant (Arup)

The column manufacturing facility is to provide ethanol water mixture flushing capability using two LEWA pumping skids each with a dedicated column connection station under a LAF hood and to provide ethanol water mixture flushing capability using two AKTA pumping skids with a shared column connection station under a LAF hood.

TCI’s design includes:

  • Closed process for the transfer of water ethanol mixture from a mobile tote in the Process Support Room to the LEWA pumping skids in the Processing Room.
  • In the Process Support Room provide a gravity fed manifold for supply to 2 LEWA skids and a dispensing point with an air driven diaphragm pump for water ethanol mixture to fill up to 50 liter carboys to be used in the AKTA skids and elsewhere in the process.
  • Closed process for the pumped transfer of waste mixture from the LEWA pumping skids located in the Process Rroom to a mobile tote in the Process Support Room.
  • 4 x LAF Hoods, two for columns up to 80 cm for the LEWA filling skids and two benchtop LAF units in the Processing Room for smaller columns below 25 cm serving the AKTA skids.
  • New RODI to support each Lewa filling skid and one dispensing RODI point in the Processing Room.
  • H3 Environments and BSL-2 Laboratory environment.
  • Dedicated ISO-8 HVAC systems.

Critical design in the handling of solvents and solvent waste in accordance with applicable NFPA and Laboratory codes.

Project Specifics

Location: Natick, MA
Project Size: 15,000 sf
Client: The Richmond Group
Architect: DiMella Shaffer
Construction Cost: $10,000,000