Genzyme Corporation

Quality Control Laboratories

Genzyme Corporation, a subsidiary of Sanofi, is an American biotechnology company based in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

In 2010 Genzyme was the world’s third-largest biotechnology company, employing more than 11,000 people around the world. Genzyme is one of the industry’s earliest innovators of large-scale commercial production of therapeutic enzymes using recombinant DNA technology. TCI is currently providing engineering and construction support services for the Genzyme Framingham, Bldg 45/68 QC Laboratories. The 45NYA facility includes Quality Control Laboratories, Research Laboratories, Global Cell Banking and Purification. The project will retrofit and repurpose existing laboratory and office space for use by the QC Chemistry Group. A new glassware washer and Liquid Nitrogen tank system will be installed. The 68NYA QC Microbiology Relocation Project has provided office and laboratory consolidation of Genzyme’s Quality Control functions on the Framingham campus. TCI has also provided MEP/FP services for high pressure steam, autoclaves, underground piping and clean rooms.

Project Specifics

Project Location: Framingham, MA

TCI Role: Process, MEP/FP Engineer of Record