Vanderbilt University

Engineering and Science Building Clean Room

Thompson Consultants, Inc. was involved in the design and construction of a cleanroom within their existing science building at Vanderbilt University. The purpose of the cleanroom was to allow Vanderbilt to do research in the nano-scale technology. Recently, Vanderbilt University has completed the construction of a new Science and Engineering building with Wilson Architects. Thompson Consultants, Inc. was involved in the Mechanical / Electrical / Plumbing and Fire Protection design of a 12,000 sf state of the art nano-scale bay and chase Cleanroom with an Imaging Suite below. The cleanroom consists of 5 bays. The adjacent chase space is exposed to the fan deck above.

Design elements include:

• RAHU’s at the fan deck level, direct connected to the cleanroom ceiling plenum
• Corrosive exhaust system
• Flammable exhaust system
• Integrated gas cabinets and valve manifold boxes
• Gas abatement for delivery equipment and process tools
• Gas leak detection with integrated gas shut-off
• Bulk nitrogen for liquid and gaseous delivery, including high purity nitrogen (99.9995% purity)
• High purity RODI water capable of E1 grade water
• Automatic laboratory waste neutralization system with controls for maintenance and service while    remaining active
• Fully redundant exhaust and chilled water systems