The Richmond Group

Elevate Bio Warehouse Expansion

Thompson Consultants, Inc. was involved in the design and construction of Warehouse space for ElevateBio. This space included a GMP portion and a Non-GMP space.

The GMP Warehouse space included:

  • Warehouse with pile-high storage
  • Packaging area
  • Receiving area
  • Quality Control Laboratory
  • Cryo space
  • Freezer Room

The Non-GMP Warehouse space included:

  • Research & Development warehouse with pile-high storage
  • Non-GMP Receiving area
  • R&D Freezer Room
  • Cold Room
  • Cylinder gas storage
  • Waste management room
  • Electrical metering
  • Fire Alarm

TCI planned for the expansion of this first phase and is currently working on the next phase of the project for additional laboratory expansion as well as an animal care facility.

Project Specifics

Location: Natick, MA
Project Size: 21,500 sf
Client: The Richmond Group
Architect: Tria
Construction Cost: $4,000,000