Genzyme Quality Control Laboratories

TCI provided full MEP/FP engineering and design for the 45NYA facility, includes Quality Control Laboratories, Research Laboratories, Global Cell Banking and Purification.  This project is to retrofit and repurpose existing equipment rooms, storage rooms and office space for use by the QC Chemistry Group.  In addition, flooring, cabinetry and bench tops within the laboratory that are damaged or significantly worn will require repair.  A new glassware washer will be installed and may require utility upgrades.  Lastly, a room for gas storage to meet Anoxia requirements is required.

The scope of the QC Chemistry retrofit project includes design, construction, installation, commissioning and qualification of the specified areas and required utilities.  The areas specific to this project are located on floor 1 and floor 1 and a half of 45NYA and total approximately 12,000 sf.  The space is currently occupied by QC Chemistry, QC Microbiology and QC Technical Services.  Each of the occupants except QC Chemistry is evacuating their currently occupied areas.  As the space becomes available, those areas will be constructed for use by QC Chemistry.

The scope of the 68 NYA Lab renovation was to provide full MEP/FP engineering and design for the Biologics Support Center at 68NYA, it was constructed to provide new laboratory and office space to support existing manufacturing at 45NYA, 15NYA and 76 NYA as well as the capacity expansion from the new 74NYA Cell Culture Facility.  The occupants include Biologics Manufacturing and Management, QA Operations, QC Microbiology (QCM), Facilities (Biologics), Validation, Metrology and QC Technical Services.  The 68NYA QC Microbiology Relocation Project will provide office, laboratory and support space for the relocation and consolidation of Genzyme’s Quality Control functions on the Framingham Campus.  This project will modify existing fourth floor laboratory space at 68NYA to accommodate the QC Micro ID program.  The existing QC laboratory area is a working lab and all modifications would be designed to be minimally disruptive to on-going operations.  The existing QC Microbiology ID / Molecular testing and Main lab testing occurs in different buildings, 45NYA and 76NYA respectively.  The activities performed by these groups will move into the Biologics Support Center at 68 NYA 4th floor to allow for expansion of other groups into their currently occupied areas.

Project Specifics

Location: Framingham, MA
Project Size: 20,000 sf
Client: Genzyme
Architect: Wilson Architects
Construction Cost: $5,000,000